16 Aralık 2008 Salı

abaut angels of tehran

Even if they were wrapped in satins,
Wore black from head to foot,
No tone of black could veil the souls
Of the angels of Tehran…
They were free, immensely free…
More evil than devil, yet more pure than angels,
In the heaven of Black Eyes were
The angels of Tehran…

You could not have said that a glance cannot be sinful
If you could just see their eyes,
Eyes like gospels inscribed on snake skins…
Holiness over thousands of sins…
Words in their eyes, mutiny in their eyes.
Life began and ended
In the eyes
Of the ANGELS of Tehran…

Some were sultans in gilded palaces,
Some had dreams, more gilded than palaces …
Their honey-colored, arrogant eyes were like inextinguishable fires,
And the smiles in their faces were lies.
Only God heard the repentance of
The angels of Tehran…

One day, she revolted against Bondage
And was thrown in a dungeon.
They whipped her hard on her silk skin…
With tears in her eyes, she was singing,
“Make me cry, it does not matter if I cry tears of blood,
Freedom, if only the day I will be yours would come”, the song
Of the Angels of Tehran…
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